Business Development Training for Women Lawyers

Ellesquire helps women do more of the work they want to do, achieve work-life balance, get paid what they are worth, and stay in the practice of law.

In six weeks, we will help you make a plan, get results…and enjoy being a lawyer again.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Relying on senior partners to keep you busy?

Toiling on work you don’t love doing?

Sacrificing your personal life to long hours, work travel and the deadline slog?

Losing out on partnership or bonuses?

It’s time to take control of your practice.

We believe that hard work should be rewarded – and not with more thankless work.
We believe that smart marketing should build visibility, business and balance.
Most of all, we believe that women will save the profession, but first we have to save ourselves.

Like you, we know the pressures of Big Law; our founder spent a decade in the C-suite of two AmLaw 200 firms. We understand the pressure of billable hours, elaborate compensation structures and the elusive quest for work-life balance: We lived it.

We offer battle-tested legal marketing acumen that has garnered recognition from the Legal Marketing Association, BTI Consulting and others – and most relevant to you, nine figures in legal work.

One of the biggest things that Ellesquire did for me was to create confidence in myself. It helped me to realize – I do have this experience. I do have that. And now I am able to communicate that to prospective clients as well as people internally.


Transactional Attorney

The program really provided a high level of expertise in terms of legal marketing and knowing how lawyers work in terms of time that they have available, the way that they think and then had very clear concrete ways to use those skills and develop business.


Transactional Attorney

The biggest thing the program did was give me the confidence to develop business in a way that works with my life. And it did it in a way that I didn’t feel like I was taking anything away from my professional career or my life at home.


Litigation Attorney

I can point directly to the clients that I’ve been able to bring in because of the lessons I’ve learned.


Litigation Attorney