The biggest thing the program did was give me the confidence to develop business in a way that works with my life. And it did it in a way that I didn’t feel like I was taking anything away from my professional career or my life at home.

Ellesquire helps women do more of the work they want to do, achieve work-life balance, get paid what they are worth, and stay in the practice of law.

Our Process

For six weeks, you will receive a series of business development lessons and weekly coaching. The lessons are built for your reality: Most are ten minutes or less, and all are available online so you can complete them on your schedule.

Throughout the program, you will work with experienced legal marketers to:

  • Define a personal brand and niche;
  • Present your brand through your biography, case studies and social media;
  • Get visibility through public relations and a saner approach to networking;
  • Pitch and close business more effectively; and
  • Keep and grow business through smart client retention tactics.

You will graduate with a complete business development plan that will help you shape your practice, take control of your life and enjoy practicing law again.

Our Promise

Along the way, we promise:

We will respect your goals.
We honor your aspirations, whether they are personal, professional or any mixture of the two.

We will respect your time.
We will deliver concise and action-oriented content.

We will respect your privacy.
We will treat your information with discretion; your work in Ellesquire is confidential.

Stop struggling for recognition, billable hours and comp.
Stop losing control over your schedule and your health.
Avoid burnout and banish Imposter Syndrome.

In six weeks, learn how to:

Start building your own book of business.

Do the work you love – on your terms.

Be recognized as an expert worthy of a premium rate (and a premium bonus).

Business development isn’t just about money. It’s about controlling your practice, so you can be a more engaged spouse, partner, parent and friend. It’s about feeling better physically and emotionally. And it’s about being part of the solution in the legal industry as a role model for the next generation of women lawyers.